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Momentum Has Been On The Side Of The Jazz

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Most people would agree that momentum is a powerful force on a basketball court or anyplace else for that matter. When that “flow” is with you it seems that everything goes your way. Most teams have had that experience at some point when most of the shot attempts found their way to the basketball goal, the passes made were crisp and accurate, the execution seemed flawless and manifested itself with increasing numbers on the scoreboard, and the mental focus of all the players was in tune. It’s like magic and is a beautiful thing to witness. Of late, the Jazz have appeared to have that rare but fleeting commodity with them a good share of the time. The fact that they have started so many games slowly, falling behind and having to scramble to get back in the game would have proved their undoing if not for the return of their old ally, momentum. Sports fans are thrilled to see this flow of constant energy visit their team and are disheartened to see it exit. We Jazz fans have been spoiled in how often we have been able to observe this powerful force in the early days of this season as it has carried our team to victory after victory. We’re going to hope that it continues it’s ride with our Utah Jazz.