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Momentum Has Been On The Side Of The Jazz

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Momentum is a mighty force that drives basketball and several people will agree with that. When the drive is within you, everything will go your way. Most of the teams have experienced at some point that most shots attempted did go thru the basketball goal. There are passes that are sharp and accurate. The execution of their shots was seamless and the points just keep accumulating on the scoreboard. These are wonderful things to watch and witness.

But lately, Jazz hasn’t been performing at their usual standards. They seem to have lost control of their momentum. There were several games wherein they played very slowly, then they fell behind and then tried to scramble back on their feet. They would have totally failed if not for the return of their momentum. Jazz fans are so used to seeing this powerful force during the early start of this season and it brought the team victory every time. The fans are praying that the momentum will be retained until the end of the season.