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Monark 828E Ergomedic Exercise Bike


Indoor cycling is an arduous endeavor and a good alternative when outdoor cycling is not possible. Indoor cycling can burn up to 19 calories per minute, or a total of 1,140 calories per hour. 

Monark 828E Ergomedic Exercise Bike

Robbins Sports carries a line of exercise bikes for those who want to exercise in the comfort of their homes. One stand-out model is the Monark 828E Ergomedic Exercise Bike

The Monark pendulum balance ergometer is the world’s most popular test cycle for fitness testing. It is used by the U.S. Air Force and the Federal Fire Departments. It has a fully adjustable seat to suit the size and height of the users and an easy-to-calibrate pendulum balance. You can set your workload resistance in kilopounds or Newtons. 

The Monark Ergomedic Exercise Bike has brake power expressed in watts at 50 and 60 RPM. The bike’s safety is enhanced by protective flywheel covers that reduce the risk of potential injury due to accidental contact with the flywheel. 

The Monark Ergomedic Exercise Bike has an electronic meter that measures different aspects of its users’ fitness. It displays RPM, heart rate, interval times, distance covered, calories burned, and power in watts. It also has polar compatible heart rate monitoring. These measurements allow bikers to track their individual progress over time. They are also invaluable benchmarks for those who use the bike for testing purposes. 

Storage or transfer of the Monark Ergomedic Exercise Bike is convenient due to the bike’s wheels. The bike holds up well, even with heavy use and frequent movement, due to its heavy-duty frame and sturdy construction. 

The Monark Ergomedic Exercise Bike has a one-year manufacturer’s warranty. It can be shipped by truck. Contact Robbins Sport for an accurate shipping quote.