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More Reasons To Start Walking

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There is no doubt that walking is good for you. Whether you are a strong and speedy walker or a slow, deliberate walker, either style can be a boon to one’s health. There are, however, tips that can dramatically increase the benefits you may derive from this activity.
For instance, while walking on a level surface may be the most comfortable than walking on an incline or a decline, it is not the best for your overall conditioning. If you add hills to your routine you will notice the improvement in your endurance and your strength. You will also likely lose some extra weight as it will be necessary for your body to work harder and burn more calories. Another benefit is that walking up hills tends to tone legs and firm up the gluteus maximus and who isn’t in favor of that?

Another helpful tip is the idea of adding a few extra pounds such as a wearing a weighted best when you walk. Ankle weights and wrist weights can also be used but they are not as beneficial as the vest which distributes weight more evenly and doesn’t cause stress on the joints of the body. Wearing a weighted best can also build bone density and adds in developing core strength.

It has been proven that walking at varied speeds is most beneficial. Interval training is the rage currently and for good reason. One can burn more calories and derive more benefits from changing up the speed of one’s exercise. This type of training also keeps the metabolism revved up for a much longer period of time.

Walking with your shoulders stooped and slouching can lead to poor body alignment and increased tendency for injury. Remember to keep your stomach muscles tight with your shoulders pulled back and pump your arms back and forth as you walk for maximum benefit.