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More Reasons To Start Walking

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Walking is definitely a good exercise for anyone. It doesn’t matter if you walk slowly or fast, it gives you the same amount of health benefits. There are some techniques that you can do to increase the benefits that you receive.

For example, while walking on level ground is more comfortable than walking on inclines, it is not recommended for overall conditioning. Adding hills to your route while walking will increase your strength and endurance. You will also lose extra weight by working out harder and burning more calories. Walking up the hill also helps in toning your legs and firming up your thighs.

Another technique would be to add a few extra pounds on your body while you walk. You can do this by wearing a weighted vest while walking. The vest is better to use than ankle and wrist weights because the weight is evenly distributed on your body. It doesn’t cause any kind of stress on your joints. Wearing the weighted vest also builds up your bone density and develops your core strength.

Interval training or walking at various speeds and pacing delivers more positive results. You burn more calories and enhance your metabolism by changing the way you walk from time to time.

To improve your body alignment and increase your resistance to injury, avoid walking with slouched and stooped shoulders. Always keep the stomach muscles tight and your shoulders pulled back while you pump your arms back and forth as you walk.