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Moving to Run

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With my running shoes tied, shorts, and a light long-sleeve shirt, I step out into the crisp, cool air of the new morning light and head out for my morning jog.  I head down the street and through other neighborhoods as the first early cars pass by.  I run almost everyday- usually five to six days a week.

In conversation with friends, who try to set running or exercise goals, I listen to them tell me their morning war with the snooze button or struggle that never quite makes it out of bed, or the unexpected dinner plan or last minute errand which arises and takes place of the workout which goes flying out the window.  There are many reasons why our well-intended goals become easy prey for other things.  It happens to everyone and I wouldn’t be so bold as to say it never happens to me.  But how can we get ourselves out there enough to make it on a regular basis?  Part of it could be attributed to will-power and dedication, but if we don’t have that, is there anything else we can do?  My suggestion would be this: no matter what happens in your day, do something!  Whether it is only thirty minutes, twenty minutes, fifteen, whatever, do something.  Establish a habit.  I have been running so long and it has become such a part of my life that I don’t have to ask myself the question in the morning when the alarm goes off if I am going to get out of bed and run.  If anything, it is a question of how will I run today?  Of course, it makes it easier if you can set aside a certain time during the day that fits the easiest into your schedule, giving you structure that allows you to plan.  Making a consistent work-out plan allows my body to stay in shape and what a wonderful difference that makes in my life.  Of course, I didn’t always run, but how was it for me when I first started out?  Slow.  Another suggestion: set a reasonable goal for yourself and no matter how tired or how hard it gets, don’t stop.  It doesn’t matter how slow you go, just don’t walk- even if you could walk faster than you are jogging; keep jogging.  Over time, it becomes easier and easier and you are training yourself to push instead of give in.  If you are a novice (a beginner), and really have a hard time, another good practice is intervals.  Run five minutes, walk three minutes, run five minutes, walk three minutes, etc, etc.  This can be done in different variations, but eventually- over time- you run more and walk less until you don’t need to walk.

I thoroughly enjoy running.  Of course, there are days when I feel a little sluggish, and there are times when I go through a small slump where it becomes a little bit harder to get myself out to run, but who doesn’t go through that in anything they do?  When I hang in there and get past that, I really enjoy it!

written by Julie Graham

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