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Music Is Motivational For Fun And Fitness

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Next time you pass a runner on the road or trail, notice if he has ear pods in his/her ears. Chances are pretty good that they will be listening to music as they pound the pavement. There are some good reasons for this. Besides making the time go a good deal faster, the music also motivates the body to keep moving. Music is a huge aid when it comes to solitary sports such as running, or hiking or for those who love to throw on their cycling jerseys for a nice ride. Naturally it is not something one could do on the basketball court or the football field but it is a boon to those who love solo sports. It has been suggested by those who have studied this phenomenon that hip hop music is the best listening for those who are running. This they say is because unlike pop music which has frequent tempo changes, the beat is steady for the most part in hip hop music. Typically there will be between 120 to 140 beats per minute in hip hop and that seems to be ideal for a runner because there is a beat every time ones foot hit’s the ground. It’s like clapping along with a song at a concert when the beat is consistent and matches with each clap of the hand.
People who study this have come up with what they consider an ideal play list for those who want to keep the beat coming as they keep their stride going. Many of the songs on that list are by Macklemore, Eminem, vicii, Imagine Dragons, and Survivor.
If you find that the music you are currently listening to does not seem to inspire the level of energy you would want, perhaps you might try one of the tunes of these artists. Anything that helps to get the workout in with the least amount of time and greatest amount of energy is worth considering.