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My Picks for the Best Basketball Training Products

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Basketball practice can get kind of boring when all you do is run plays and scrimmage.  Sometimes, you need to just bring in something to help practice and focus on a specific weakness that the team, or an individual player, has.  There are many products available that can help improve a basketball player.  Here are my top three picks for basketball training products:

  1. The “Rebound” Ring - The Rebound Ring is a metal ring that sits inside the basketball goal. Since the ring is so small, it completely prevents the ball from going into the hoop, thus giving your players a chance to practice their rebounding.  Rebound is essential on both the offensive and defensive end of basketball.  While defensive rebounds are a lot more common than offensive rebounds, a team that can master rebounding on both ends is given a much greater advantage come game time.
  2. The Toss Back Training Aid – The Toss Back Training Aid is a net that is attached to a metal frame with elastic bands.  Because of the elastic, the net has a springy toss back feature.  This training aid is great for developing quickness and accuracy in passing.  Quickness in passing is crucial for a team that is trying to break through that difficult zone defense.  That is why the Toss Back Trainer is a great tool because players will learn to pass and be ready to receive a pass without hesitation. 
  3. The Heavy Ball – The Heavy Ball is a great training tool for the big guys.  Centers and power forwards can use this ball while training to get used to going up strong.  Playing the low post can be a ruthless place, but a player that knows how to use his upper body to make a push towards the rim will definitely be able to handle the competition.

These are just my favorites.  There are many other basketball training tools available.  The more that you use, the better your training will be.  Use these tools along with scrimmages to improve your practices and your team.


Wade Boden is the Artwork Director of Robbins Sports, an online resource for Basketball Uniforms and Basketball Training Equipment.