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National Physical Fitness and Sports Month


National Physical Fitness and Sports Month is celebrated every May. The month-long celebration focuses on developing people’s awareness of the benefits of physical fitness and sports. Physical activity improves the health of people, regardless of their age. Physically active people have a lower risk of cardiovascular and chronic diseases. The lifespans of physically active people are significantly higher than those of more sedentary individuals. 

National Physical Fitness and Sports Month

The following practices can help people stay physically fit: 

  • Aerobic exercise – This type of exercise improves the cardiovascular system. It includes brisk walking, swimming, jogging, and bicycling. It strengthens the heart as it keeps pumping at a higher rate for an extended period of time. Aerobic exercise helps people keep their cholesterol and blood pressure levels in check. It can also help strengthen the spine and prevent weight gain. 
  • Anaerobic exercise – This is done in short, fast bursts to increase the strength of the muscles. It includes activities that require short stints of full exertion, such as heavy weightlifting and sprinting. Physical fitness can be enhanced with a combination of aerobic and anaerobic exercise. 
  • Strength training – To build stamina and replace fat with lean muscles, choose strength training exercises. They help you burn calories efficiently. Strength training exercises that focus on the major muscle groups must be performed two or three times per week for best results. Strength training exercises include pushups, weight machine and free weight exercises, and pull-ups. 
  • Stretching – This is an essential part of any fitness program. Stretching your body after every aerobic or strength-training workout will improve blood flow as well as the range of motion of the joints. It can promote better posture and relieve muscle strains. 

Physical fitness improves the muscular form and health of children and adolescents. In adults, it can lower the risk for cognitive decline as well as falls. Every life is enhanced with a commitment to consistent physical exercise.