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NBA Coaching Spin Continues

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It’s hard to come up with many jobs that are more tenuous than that of an NBA coach. True, it sounds exciting to be at the helm of a national team but holding on to one of those coaching jobs is a hard act to pull off these days with a few notable exceptions. Greg Popovich is the longest tenured coach in the league with an amazing 17 years at the helm of the San Antonio Spurs but he’s a rare case indeed with many coaches lasting only a couple of years at best. At the conclusion of regular season play this year both Byron Scott of the Cleveland Cavaliers and Lawrence Frank of the Detroit Pistons were sent packing. NBA coaches are always on the hot seat as they have a season of 82 games to prove their worth and if they fail to manage a winning record at the end of that time they are typically sent packing. This year the head coach of the Philadelphia 76ers also left his team but this was of his own doing. Doug Collins had been at the helm of the 76ers for the past 3 years and still had a year and 4.5 million dollars left on his contract but said he knew it was time for him to step down. Whoever they choose to replace him must know that it’s a pretty tenuous job to step into.