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NBA Coaching Spin Continues

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Being a coach in the NBA is a strenuous job. Fans see it as a glamorous and cool job to hold. However, the truth is very far from people’s perception.

For 17 years, Gregg Popovich has been at the helm of the San Antonio Spurs. Among the present coaches, he has the longest tenure. The truth is that most coaches do not stay long with their present teams.

This season, the wheeling and dealing of coaches continues. Two coaches have already been given their pink slips – Detroit’s Lawrence Frank and Cavs bench boss Byron Scott. This is normal routine that most teams go through after the season ends in disappointment. If they fail to produce positive results in one or two seasons, they easily get fired.

Fans of the NBA also saw Doug Collins leave the Philadelphia 76ers. However, he was not fired. He resigned from his position. At the time he left, he still had one more year in his contract which paid $4.5 million. However, he said it was time for him to step down. The team is now in the midst of choosing their next coach.