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NBA Experiments With New Jerseys

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This year for the All-Star game, changes were visible in the form of sleeved jerseys for the teams instead of the traditional tank top model. Reports are that the players balked at the idea when they were first presented with it. Whether this was strictly because they feared the new versions would be more limiting for arm movement or because they had issues with the look of the new style is unclear. Either way, they did not seem to be on board with this change in the basketball uniform they would be expected to wear. It is hard to see a perceptible advantage for the change as far as the players are concerned, except of course for the money issue. Players share revenues made from clothing sales with the NBA so they stand to gain a substantial monetary gain as fans clamor to pick up the new merchandise.
Adidas, who is the authorized sponsor of NBA uniforms claims to have introduced the new style partly because they felt it would be well received by fans who would find the fit more to their liking and more easily worn than the
traditional tank version. Time will tell if that proves to be the case. Meanwhile, there has been one change to the uniforms that is definitely a positive and that is the new fabric they are made of. Several years ago, Adidas came up with a blend that included 60% recycled material resulting in a fabric lighter, dryer and more comfortable. The new jerseys and shorts are all made from this improved material. That is well and good but for the traditional, die-hard fans, the new look may take some getting used to