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NBA Experiments With New Jerseys

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This year, there is a big change in the basketball uniform for the All-Star game. Instead of the usual tank top design, the new uniform is designed as jerseys with sleeves. There were reports that the players recoiled when they were presented with the new design. It was not clear whether they did not like the style at all or the new design will restrict their arm movements during the game.

Either way, the team doesn’t seem to agree with the new look of their uniform. The only advantage they foresee with this is the amount of money it will make in terms of profit. Players have a share in the revenues generated from the sales of NBA clothing. They potentially can earn a lot of money as fans tend to buy their latest merchandise.

Adidas, the authorized sponsor of the NBA uniforms , said that the new design was introduced to see how the fans will accept it and how the players will react to it. The sponsors thought that the new style will make it easier for the players to wear than the traditional tank top version. It will take time for the players to adapt to wearing this.

In the meantime, the new uniform has one positive feature. Many years ago, Adidas created a new kind of material from 60% recycled sources. The result was a fabric that was lighter, dryer and much more comfortable to wear. This experimental material was used to create the new uniforms.