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NBA Playoffs – It’s All About Matchups

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There are several great players in the NBA Western Conference. The best team is currently New Orleans Hornets. The teams tied for 7th and 8th place are Nuggets and Rockets with 5 games back. The Eastern Conference pales in comparison to the West in the Celtics and Pistons race. No doubt, these two teams will be competing in the Eastern Conference Finals. In the West however, any of the 8 or 9 team may win.

Last year, did anyone expect the Golden State Warriors to defeat the Mavericks in the first round? Noone did. Baron Davis and his company beat the #1 seed being the 8th seed. How do these things happen? How did an inexperienced team from the playoffs defeat the most gifted and consistent team in basketball?

The Mavericks and Warriors match up went well. They took advantage of Mavericks’ weaknesses and came out on top.

The Warriors has a winning record against almost all the top teams in the West. However, when they play against Utah, they get defeated. I watched the Jazz-Warriors game Tuesday night and was disappointed with Warriors’ performance. Then last night, the Warriors defeated the Boston Celtics, the conference leader, in an energetic game I’ve never seen.

It really comes down on how the team will match up against their opponents. With the competition at the same level as the West, the teams are not looking at getting into the playoffs and even the championship. Hopefully, lady luck will smile on them. I would want the Warriors winning the rest of the games and be one of the top teams in the West. But a part of me wishes they finish 7th or 8th place and barely making it to the playoffs. That way they will be matched against the Mavericks, Suns or Hornets, the teams the Warriors can beat. If they get unlucky, they’ll be matched off with Spurs or Jazz where their chances are not very good.

The point is, with NBA being flooded with home-grown and foreign superstars, almost each team possess the fire power and skills to win this championship this year. It will all depend on the teams that they will have to go against in the road to the finals. Eventually, the NBA champions will be the team matched against rivals they are a good match with.

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