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NBA Point Guard Rivalry

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There is no doubt that this year’s roster of point guards is made up of the elite athletes in NBA. A highly talented and efficient point guard is crucial to the team’s success and those who exceed in this position is greatly in demand. Utah Jazz is lucky in having Deron Williams on their team because he is looked up to as the top of his class by the other players. Chris Paul is another player so tops the point position and he plays for the New Orleans Hornets. In last night’s game where these two teams rivalled against each other, Utah Jazz won with a score of 105-87. It was a good game played by both basketball teams and for Jazz, it was a great victory. The team is slowly earning a status of being rough on the top teams of the league, and one of them is the Hornets who entered the match with a record of 11 wins, 2 loses.

Once again, the rivalry between Deron and Paul surfaced. Williams came out the winner with 26 points and 11 assists against Paul who garnered 17 points and 10 assists. Obviously, Chris Paul is an energetic player but the fans are excited that it’s Deron Williams is the one wearing the Jazz basketball uniform. He consistently shots 3 pointers into the basketball backboard of Utah rather than another NBA team. Currently, Deron’s stats is 12-3 on the match-ups versus Chris Paul.