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NBA Racial Firestorm Is Disheartening

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Sadly, racial tension seems to rear it’s ugly head again and again. In this instance, it involves the National Basketball Administration as team owner of the Los Angeles Clippers was taped making vile and unacceptable remarks about dark skinned people. One wonders when this type of prejudicial and discriminatory attitude will fade away. Judging from the responses to owner Donald Sterling’s remarks, not any time soon. Such behavior and such attitudes put a dark cloud not only over the athletic community in this country but for all of us.
To have respect for all people should not be that tall of an order but somehow it proves to be a difficult concept for so many of us. Why can we not appreciate individuals for who they are and what they accomplish rather than judging them simply by their skin color. We have made progress in this country when it comes to racism, but obviously we still have a long way to go.