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NBA Trade Policy – stupid, stupid, stupid!!!

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In the past 3 or 4 years, the NBA was stirred by a few huge trades that made it more exciting. But that was all and it was just a few. Shaq was traded to Heat, Iverson to the Nuggets and Garnett to Celtics.

The trade were advantageous for Miami, Boston and Denver and their pocketbooks received more income as these stars drew in more fans to the games. So if these trades were good for everybody, why did they not occur more often? The reason is NBA has an outrageous trade policy.

The NBA’s trade policy made things more difficult as compared to other sports where the team just has to buy out the opposing team’s player’s contract. For example, when Iverson was traded to the Nuggets, Ivan McFarlin went with him. In exchange, the 76ers got Joe Smith, Andre Miller and 2 draft picks in the future. The Nuggets did not necessarily care about Ivan McFarlin at the beginning of the trade talks. He was included because of the NBA trade policy. It states that the salaries of the players that are being traded should match.

That’s why when Kevin Garnet was traded to Celtics in exchange for 6 players – Ryan Gomes, Al Jefferson, Gerald Green, Theo Ratliff, Sebastia Telfair and a draft pick for 2009. That is half of the Boston team.

Now when Kobe Bryant was traded by the LA Lakers, his salary was equal to a small country’s GDP. The Lakers wanted Bulls to trade with them but to get both teams agreeing upon which players are equal in terms of salaries and talent is a challenging process. If the Bulls had the choice to pay cash for Kobe, they’ll do it real fast. However, they couldn’t so Kobe stays as a Laker.

The NBA must change the rules. Matching the salaries is outrageous. If the team wants to trade, there must be the least hurdles as possible. For now that can’t happen. Later on, the NBA fans will see fewer trade and more unhappy superstars if the state of things do not change.

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