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Never Give Up

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Earlier this week Andy Roddick’s hopes of winning a Wimbleton championship were dashed at the hands of 26 year old Yen-Hsu Lu. . Roddick had been riding high on his wins over the past three rounds but came crashing down in his meeting with the talented Tawainese player. Roddick likely felt that he would have the upper hand in this match, after all he came into this game as the 5th ranked seed and a number 1 ranked player (having won the US Open in 2003). His credentials speak for themselves. And who was it that upstaged him on his quest for the big prize? None other than a young determined player who came into the game with a 6-18 record in the Majors and a 82nd ranking.

Disappointment is going to be a close companion to Andy Roddick for a while, but euphoria is camping out with Yen Hsu Lu. In the unfolding of this match is a lesson for any of us who feel like we don’t measure up and are skeptical about chances for success. As Lu himself said, “even if I don’t believe I have to fight”. It seems the moral is to never give up.
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