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Never Give Up

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Early this week, Andy Roddick’s dreams of becoming a Wimbledon champ were squashed by Yen-Hsu Lu. Roddick had high hopes because of his consecutive wins in the last 3 games but he came crashing down with this gifted Taiwanese player. Roddick was so confident that he will have a chance in this competition being the 5th seed and number 1 player in the 2003 US Open. His accomplishments speak for themselves. But then he was defeated by a young athlete with a 6-18 record in the Majors and only ranks 82nd.

Andy Roddick will be depressed for some time while Yen Hsu Lu will be very elated. The moral lesson of this event is never to give up. If you don’t feel that you measure up, you shouldn’t stop trying to achieve success. Lu said himself, even if he did not believe he was going to win, he still had to fight.

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