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New Word For Annoying – Vuvuzela Horns

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The summer World Cup events aired on television proved to be challenging to watch for many people. The pesky Vuvuzela horns made a lot of background noise that the fans had to put the TV on mute and watch all the action in silence. The others totally gave up and just shut off the TV. One thing for sure, it takes a lot of concentration and focus to watch the game with those blasted horns making a lot of noise.

Not everyone agrees though. Some people from other countries are even buying the horns so they can use them in their own hometown sporting events.

These horns were originally used in Africa to call people from distant places so they can gather together. The Vuvuzela is actually made from the kudu horn, an elk-like animal. Right now, these horns are made of mass produced plastic to fill the huge demand for them during World Cup games.

It could be very deafening when thousands of these horns are blown all at the same time. The sound is like a huge swarm of giant bees and like there are several jets flying thru the sky. The players had difficulty hearing each other so they even took classes to learn sign language skills so they could communicate out on the field. That’s taking sports at a whole new level.

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