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New Word For Annoying – Vuvuzela Horns

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Watching the World Cup events on television has proven to be a real test for a great many people this summer. Trying to block out the continual background noise of those pesky Vuvuzela horns has caused many fans to either hit the mute button and watch the action in utter silence or give up entirely and turn the set off. One thing is certain, it takes a great deal of focus and concentration on the game itself to effectively tune out the accompanying blare of those blasted horns.

Not every would agree, however. It turns out that people from nations all over the world are asking for these horns to be made available for them to use at their own sporting events.
The custom of using these horns originated in Africa as a means of calling people together from long distances. They were made from the horn of an elk-like animal called a kudu. Currently they are made of plastic and are being mass produced to fill the sudden demand that World Cup viewing has generated.

When many thousands of these horns are being blown simultaneously, the result can be deafening. It sounds like an enormous swarm of mega-bees at the least and like a sky full of jets at worst. The players themselves are often unable to hear each other and have found it necessary to take simple classes where they are instructed in sign language skills as a means to communicating on the field. That is taking enthusiasm for sports to a whole new level wouldn’t you agree?

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