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New Year…..New Body?

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January isn’t everybody’s favorite month of the year. For one thing it signifies the holidays are over and that marks the end of our guiltless feasting. It’s time to get out the gym bag and revive our exercise routines. This is the best time of the year to start a commitment to improving your lifestyle and over-all health. It is timely that it’s a new year so we can start it right with a new slim body.

In several places all over the world the climate is just too cold to go outdoors and do some exercise. You can use this as a motivation to try new outdoor sports or exercise. It would be exciting to try cross country skiing or snowshoeing for a change. If you don’t prefer winter sports then you can do indoor exercises instead.

This might be the perfect time to buy those boxing gloves and spar with your partner or jab at a punching bag. If you would rather stay home and you don’t have gym equipment, you can be creative and improvise. Use a jump rope to do cardio exercises. Or download videos for yoga and Zumba. It doesn’t matter what form of exercise you choose what is important is that you don’t lose track with your resolve to live a healthy life.