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New York Mets – Team to Beat in the MLB

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New York Mets fans must be thanking the sports gods right now. Last week was a miracle for them. First, the Giants defeated the New England Patriots ending their dynasty and winning the first Super Bowl in almost 20 years. Second, Johann Santana signed into the team with a 7 year contract. What more can you ask for a good week?

Now that football season has ended we can now focus on the coming baseball season. After what happened last year, the Mets has to recover from their disastrous pre-playoff meltdown – 7 game lead and 8 to play. The Met fans could forget about it as the best baseball pitcher has joined their star studded roster. Together with Santana, the Mets has two other star pitchers El Duke Hernandez and Pedro Martinez (when he is not sick). This rotation will be competitive at any rotation in this entire league.

The rest of the Mets line up is Billy Wagner, Jose Reyes, David Wright, Carlos Delgado, Moises Alou and Carlos Beltran. The Mets now have a hall of famer and 5 other consistent all-stars.

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