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News From Jazz Camp

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The Utah Jazz team is high spirited lately. The cause of elation is the addition of Al Jefferson and his enthusiasm and positive attitude. It is a big change from the indifferent and unmotivated attitude that Carlos Boozer showed. Fans love it and are finding lots of reasons to be optimistic about this coming season.

Rumors are spreading that Deron Williams intends to make Al Jefferson an all-star athlete. That would be good news because only Deron Williams can make it really happen. In Jefferson’s recent media exposure, he suggests that he foresees a long and successful career with the Utah team and playing with Deron. This is like music for the ears of Jazz fans.

In the meantime, the next agenda on the list of Kevin O’Connor and the Jazz management is the finalization of KyryloFesenko’s contract. There is still nothing definite yet but both camps are leaning towards keeping the big man. Currently, Jazz is composed of 9 players all signed up for the coming season and NBA requires 13. There are still 4 slots that needs to be filled. Most likely Fesenko will fill in one spot when the season begins for 2010-2011.

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