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No Ruffled Feathers For The Jazz

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One might assume that there could be some hard feelings on the part of certain Jazz players what with the new recuits coming aboard and all the hype that has been generated by that event. On the contrary, it appears that everyone is happy about the roster change, including Paul Millsap who will no doubt be one of the players most affected by the new guys. It’s probable that Millsap was feeling pretty good about the fact that Carlos Boozer was off to Chicago which should mean that Paul would now be the main “go to guy” for the team. He didn’t get to enjoy those good feelings very long before the Jazz brought in another “go to guy” in Al Jefferson. Millsap says that he is very happy to be getting these additions to the team and that he looks forward to playing with big Al (who can play either center or power forward). Obviously, it will take some shuffling around before Jerry Sloan decides how and with who he wants to start at the beginning of the season. As Jazz fans, we’re just thrilled that there are some options.

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