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North Carolina vs. Kansas – How Can You Beat a Mirror?

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This college basketball season is becoming predictable. As early as now, you can already predict the teams who will make it in the final four even months before the beginning of the March Madness. Right now the teams to beat are North Carolina, Kansas, Memphis and UCLA with the other teams like Duke, Georgetown and Tennessee right behind them. After going undefeated for several weeks, it seems these top 4 teams will never lose. Now in the tenth week and everything is settled down, these teams have already risen to the top.

Since Memphis, Kansas and North Carolina are the only teams that have gone undefeated, they are likely the only candidates who will make it for the national championship. Each team is consistent in defeating their opponents by double digit scores and evidently they are a league of their own. These teams are not actually good enough for the NBA but they are better than their college level caliber. I wonder who will win in the final round.

My list for the final four is: UCLA versus NORTH CAROLINA and KANSAS versus MEMPHIS. I think North Carolina will make an easy win out of UCLA and Kansas will win over Tigers. But in the championship game it’s totally clueless. How can you beat a mirror image of yourself? These two teams have similar styles and undefeatable defenses. They both love to get out and run when defense forces a turnover. Both teams have intelligent guards who create do offense plays for themselves. Both teams have big, agile men who relentlessly shoot. UNC and Kansas are both determined to win and that’s what the other teams lack.

Basically what I’m trying to say is that in my opinion, the March Madness could turn out to be just a formality this season until we reach the final game. UNC and Kansas will both be there at the championship with no doubt about it. However, it is up to chance if either UNC or Kansas wins the game. Each team has the potential to be victorious. It will all depend on how they will play out the game. Whoever gets lucky will obviously come out as the champion.

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