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Not an Ordinary Potato Sack

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You don’t just put roots into it; you put kids into it (and sometimes the lower half of envious adults playfully trying to be young again).  Just like the good-old-fashioned potato sack race stuck between the three-legged race and the egg dash; the days when we hopped around in real potato sacks and fell over our burlap-covered feet and each other, bunny-hopping toward the finish line to be the first to cross.  It was always the big hit at our picnics and family reunions.  Everybody including Sally would join in.  What was the point?  It didn’t matter, we had fun!  I remember one summer when we used cloth sacks- Didn’t last long!  Ripped seams, torn cloth, and huge tears from nearly half the herd of children made that the last time my Mother tried it.  There is something special about those potato sacks, not just the race itself.  When the day would be over, my little brother Tommy and I would crawl into these sacks and roll around in them.  Those bring back wonderful memories.

What else can you do with Potato Sacks?  A new way I have found to use potato sacks is by substituting them for the rope that we tied around our ankles in the three-legged race.  It’s better to have each partner stick one leg into the sack instead of hinging from a rope or handkerchief tied around our ankles.  More recently, I have noticed that people have started to use them in P.E. classes.  Some teachers use educational potato sacks for fun, educational games which involve colors, numbers, and even languages.  There are many uses to be found using potato sacks.  What are some of yours?