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Not an Ordinary Potato Sack

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It is just like the good, old-fashioned days when we used real potato sacks. We hopped around in the sacks, fell over burlap-covered feet and on each other, then bunny-hopped going to the finish line and the first one who crosses wins. During picnics and family reunions, this game was a big hit. Everyone would join in and would have fun.

I remember a summer where we used cloth sacks that did not last very long. The seams ripped and the cloth got torn. There is something about potato sacks that made it special and not just the race itself. At the end of the day, me and my little brother Tommy would crawl into those sacks then roll around the floor in them. These sacks bring back wonderful memories.

There are other things you can do with potato sacks. Another way you can use them is to substitute them for rope that is tied around the feet during 3-legged races. It’s a better idea to have each partner put in one leg into the sack instead of tying a rope or handkerchief around the feet. Just recently, I observed some people started using them in PE class. Some of the teachers use the potato sacks for fun and in educational games which involves numbers, colors and languages. There are various uses for potato sacks. Do you have some ideas of your own on how to use a potato sack?