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Oklahoma City Thunders Past The Jazz

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Jazz knew their game with Oklahoma City will be tough. Thunder was only 1 and a half games right behind Jazz standings in the Western Conference. Jazz also knew that Kirilenko will be out again due to his bruised leg muscle. What the team did not expect is that they would be playing without Okur and Ronnie Price. Deron Williams will be playing with an injured shoulder. Deron dealth with the pain and still played along with Wesley Matthews putting up 56 points. Sadly, Kevin Durrant and Russell Westbrook also played exceptionally and gave 10 points more than the Williams/Matthews tandem.

Jazz struggled with their defense the whole game and conceded to Thunder being beat by 8 points with their total of 119. The good news is that 3’s were falling again for the team but the bad news is they lost in the race to gain more point to break the tie with Oklahoma City. For the year, their record is 0-3.

Tonight, Jazz will face-off with Washington Wizards and the game will play with the friendly ambiance of Energy Solutions Arena hoping they will win.