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Olympics Provide Inspiration

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There are many good things you can say about excellence in any form, be it in arts, academics, music, or sports. Excellence has a positive effect on the athlete, artist, scholar and musician. It provides an inspiration to make others strive to do their best. It is amazing to watch an artist or musician in an excellent performance. At some point, it does motivate you to try and attain the same achievements that these performers have made.

In Olympics, all eyes are on the athletes as they gather from all nations around the world. The viewers have witnessed how these athletes trained very hard in preparation for the Olympic games. They are representing their country and at the same time fulfilling their own dreams and overcoming their fears. With their great efforts and dedication to training, they have succeeded in enhancing their abilities in their specific sport. Among several athletes, these select few were chosen to be the best among the rest to represent and win the gold for their country.

The Olympic Games ignites the spark of hope that any country can excel at sports. Winning in sports can be accomplished with teamwork and thru perseverance and hard work. It gives equal opportunity for all the countries to demonstrate what their athletes worked hard for. In the Olympics, all countries are treated equal. It doesn’t matter if the athletes come from a rich or poor country. What matters is their level of skills and the abilities they have during the competition. Winning the Olympics show how hard their athletes had worked for in the past years in order to reach where they stand right now.

It is exciting to watch the Olympics because we are witnessing countries competing against each other in friendly games like sports. Even the not so popular countries have their shining moments when they win in a sporting event.