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Park City, Utah – Be careful who you do business with

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At RobbinsSports.com, we rarely have situations in which we can’t settle a dispute with a customer.  Recently we’ve run into a problem that we feel merits public censuring, especially since the customer is a government entity, the City of Park City, Utah.  The Park City Racquet Club bought some professional basketball standards from us in November, and they refuse to pay for them.  There is nothing defective about the standards, and they use them each day the Park City Racquet Club is open.  This entry is a warning to other businesses who might be considering doing business with Park City, Utah.  Be careful!

To read the whole story, including our lawsuit against Park City, Utah, you can go to the blog I’ve created that will detail the process that I’m going through to force Park City to pay Robbins Sports the $38,000+ that they owe us.