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Persistence Pays Off

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There were a lot of people who pretty much wrote off the Utah Jazz this year. After the turmoil and drama of last year with losing Coach Sloan in the middle of the season and losing our premier players to other teams, many felt that this new squad of young players wasn’t going to get very far. There definitely wasn’t much hope held that they would make the NBA play-offs and yet that is exactly what this scrappy, persistent team has done. Even a couple of weeks ago the nay-sayers announced that the Jazz’s season was done and that it was time for them to start thinking about next year. Instead the guys who have worn the basketball uniforms emboldened with the Jazz insignia will be once again be putting those uniforms on to compete in the play-offs which will begin this week-end. While others may have lost confidence in the team, the players themselves kept the hope alive and played to win each time out on the court. Because of their “never give up attitude” the home town fans are going to have some more hard-fought games to cheer about.