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Playing Sports And Staying Safe

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We’re at that time of year again when young people by the millions are joining soccer teams, football teams, hockey teams, etc. There is a slight briskness to the morning air that reminds us that those hot summer days are past and that we are heading into a sports-filled fall season. While it is an exciting time for the kids and the parents alike, it is also a time to be aware of the risks of injury that are inherent in sporting activities and to properly outfit our kids to reduce the likelihood of such injury.

For instance, proper equipment is necessary for those who are involved in the sport of football. With the increasing incidences of concussions and serious head injuries, it is vital that a good football helmet be used who participate in this activity. There are many brands to choose from that offer the necessary protection. Knee pads, thigh pads and shoulder pads are also available in a variety of styles and sizes and which provide a great deal of added protection.

There are far fewer injuries that are associated with the game of soccer and not much is needed in the way of equipment. Besides having a good soccer ball and perhaps a jersey, it is advisable to wear a sturdy pair of shin guards.

Obviously, the equipment needed varies with each individual sport. It is advisable to do a bit of research to determine which products will offer the best protection, comfort and durability for our youth.