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Portable Basketball Goal


Basketball is one of the most popular team sports in the country. It is played by young kids on their driveways, in the school gym, on college courts, and in the NBA or WNBA, the country’s premier professional basketball leagues. 

Portable Basketball Goal

Many kids play the game using makeshift basketball goals. Robbins Sports offers a portable basketball goal that can be used by both small kids and adults because its height can be adjusted to suit the stature of different players. 

The Bison Acrylic Club Court Portable Goal is one of the best portable basketball goals on the market. It has a clear acrylic backboard that measures 32 by 48 inches. The goal height can be changed using the spring-assisted adjustment control. It can be lowered to 6 ½ feet and raised to a maximum height of 10 feet. 

This portable basketball goal supports player safety with its 1.5 inch thick padded front base and riser. Players need not worry about hitting the front base and riser and getting injured; the padding will provide extra protection. There is also a very low risk of the backboard falling after a vicious dunk shot, because the portable goal can be sold with an oversized base box that holds up to 425 pounds of ballast (ballast not included in the package). The goal is mounted directly on the extension arm, eliminating stress on the backboard during play. 

The portable basketball goal can be stored easily. It folds without tools, allowing it to be moved to another location while easily clearing door openings. It is simple and convenient to adjust the portable basketball goal to a certain height, thanks to its easy-to-read indicator labels. Players can know the exact height of the backboard and ring. 

Move the goal around at will with the help of non-marking transport casters. The portable basketball goal requires 36 inches of safe play area when the goal is set at the height of 10 feet.