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Product user manuals can be handy – even before a purchase

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We often have inquiries from our customers regarding whether a particular stopwatch will perform a certain function.  User manuals help you determine whether a stopwatch (or any other technical product) will perform the function you need.  Often customers don’t even think about the user manual until after they buy something.  However, especially in cases where you need something to perform a funcation that’s not all that common, it’s best to have a look at the user’s manual.  If you can identify from the user’s manual the specific button or series of steps you need to take to accomplish your task, then you can be confident that you’re buying the product you need.

At RobbinsSports.com, we can provide PDF files and other documentation that give specific instructions on everything from installing a basketball goal to using a stopwatch or timer to do lap functions.  Just ask us for it, and we’ll be glad to provide you with a digital copy of the user’s manuals for our products – before you even decide to make a purchase.