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Professional Athletes – Are The Rewards Worth The Risks?

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The potential of earning loads of money and gaining popularity is indeed exciting but will it be worth all the sacrifice of your health and well-being? After witnessing how Brett Favre endured the beating he received in Sunday’s game with the New Orleans Saints players, you begin to think if money, fame and gratification that comes with being a superstar athlete is really worthy.

At 40, with a string of records and achievements in his name including a Super Bowl win, it is practical for Favre to just retire from the game that gave him all the success and good fortune yet feel good about it. Whatever success he achieved did come with a huge cost. He sustained a lot of injuries while he engaged in the sport that he loves. He is at a big risk of compromising his health and future with the injuries his body has been taking.

And we also have Steve Young. He earned his fame and impressive wealth with his Professional Football career. He also received several injuries some very serious and no less than 7 concussions. During Monday night’s football game in 1999, he was violently attacked by a rival causing him to be injured and taken off the game. He endured Post-concussion syndrome which ended his season and most likely his career.

The sports baseball, hockey and wrestling all have heavy risks associated with them just like any other sport. It is common knowledge that boxing is a dangerous contact sport that you can engage in. According to the studies of the American Association of Neurological Surgeons, it says that 90% of brain injuries are sustained by boxers to some degree. That is a really big number!