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Professional Sports Iron Men

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Though there is a large number of professional athletes, there are only few who earned the reputation of becoming the iron men in their chosen sport. We associate “iron man” with the cartoon super hero who has extraordinary abilities that surpass mere mortals. Another image that comes to mind is the triathlon event where the athletes are made to bike 112 miles, swim 2.4 miles and run 26.2 miles. The way to survive this event is to have endurance. This is what makes 4 athletes from 4 different sports above all the others when it comes to endurance.

Jay Bouwmeester from Canada, is a hockey player who is short listed for having achieved the longest streak of active games played in his sport. He played 471 games. This player is so resilient that he was able to avoid getting serious injuries that could make him inactive for a long time.

The Iron Man status for baseball belongs to Ichiro Suzuki. He is the Seattle Mariners right fielder who holds a record of 10 successive 200 plus hit seasons. Pete Rose is the only player who can match his record but he earned that from non-consecutive years.

Ryan Longwell is an NFL player who has the record for the biggest career points scored for kicking 226 field goals played over 9 seasons. Longwell currently plays for the Minnesota Vikings.

Derek Fisher is the Iron Man for the Los Angeles Laker where he currently plays the position of guard. He earned over 458 successive games in over a 5.4 year period which is the longest in the history of NBA. These statistics are awesome considering the number of times the athletes missed their double digit games for whatever reason. In sports, injuries are expected to happen to athletes but these 4 individual have been very successful over the long term.

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