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Progress Is Often A By-Product Of Pain

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It seems irrefutable that we often gain in one way or another after going through hardship. It happens it almost every area of life. Most mothers who go through intense pain to deliver a newborn are then able to experience incredible fulfillment and joy as an aftermath. Grueling years of study for students typically result in a positive job placement which then brings about rewards monetarily and in personal satisfaction.
So it is with the athlete. Often times it is the defeat that spurs on increased effort. It is the winning and losing as a team that can lead to greater camaraderie and closeness.
Recently the Utah Jazz have experienced both amazing and extremely satisfying wins and some heartbreaking losses. Both have served to help the team develop. They have shown that they can stayed focused, continue to play tough and come back from some hefty score deficits. They have started to believe that they can compete with top teams and hold their own. That kind of confidence is essential if you want to put forth your best efforts.
Fans have good reason to be hopeful about the team this year. They seem to be on the right track.