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Pullover Jackets and High School Wrestling Teams

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Recently Robbins Sports was asked to outfit a wrestling team with some warm-ups to wear at their wrestling meets. I was surprised to find out from the coach that, although they would be interested in getting pullover jackets, they were not allowed to wear them because of a school policy. Evidently the school has banned pullover jackets for students because of a security risk. The coach and I gave up after trying for a few minutes to determine why pullover jackets would be considered a security risk. Instead we found some alternative full zip warm-up jackets for the team. If your team is limited by a restriction similar to this wrestling team, you can find many full zip warm-up jackets comparable to the pullover styles. To find the full zip jackets we carry, you can do a search for “full zip jacket” in the search bar of our store, or you can browse through the sports apparel section of the site.

By the way, if anyone out there knows why pullover jackets would be banned as a security risk, feel free to let us know.

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