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Pullover Jackets and High School Wrestling Teams

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Robbins Sports was asked to provide outfits for the wrestling team which includes warm-up gear to wear in the wrestling matches. According to the coach, because of the school policy, they won’t be getting pullover jackets even if they were interested in ordering for the team. The jackets were banned in school because of a security risk. So, an alternative of full zipped warm-up jackets was purchased instead. If somehow your team has several restrictions on what you wear, you can find a lot of full zip warm-up jackets that can be compared to pullover jackets. To locate the varieties of full zip warm-up jackets, just type full zip jacket in the search bar or browse the apparel section of RobbinsSports.com.

Also, if anyone could provide the reason why pullover jackets are considered a security risk, please feel free to inform us.

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