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Punching Bags – How to Hang ‘em

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So, you have finally bought a punching bag and now are excited to get going on some home workouts. Hanging the bag is the next step. But, in your mind you are a little hesitant to hang such a heavy object, thinking that after you do so it will be ripped out of the ceiling as a result of its weight and bulk. 

So, what is the proper way to hang a punching bag? Is there a way to ensure that the bag will not damage the ceiling? Yes, there is.

For a bag up to 125 lbs. any traditional chain and swivel assembly will be strong enough to hold the punching bag without causing any kind of structural damage. These assemblies are pretty straight forward. All you have to do is drill a hole into the ceiling where you are attaching the bag. Then, insert the eye bolt (these come with the bag) into the drilled hole. Next, you attach the chain and swivel to the eye bolt and connect the bag to the chain. Pretty simple. Now, you are ready to take out that pent up energy on the bag.

However, if you have a punching bag that weighs more than 125 lbs., hanging it with a traditional chain and swivel assembly may get you into some trouble. Simply put, most traditional chain and swivel assembly sets are not strong enough to hold such a heavy bag and will eventually come loose and fall from the ceiling. For these kinds of bags, you need to get another type of ceiling mount so as to avoid any damage.

The product you will need is called a heavy bag ceiling mount. All of boxing’s premier suppliers sell them, including Everlast Boxing and Balazs Boxing. Instead of drilling just one eye bolt into the ceiling, heavy bag ceiling mounts consist of steel platforms into which 4 bolts are drilled into the ceiling. The eye bolt is then attached to the steel platform, transferring the weight and pressure from the eye bolt to the steel structure which can hold a lot more weight. This ensures that your heavy bag is secure enough to withstand the movment and pressure it is going to experience during workouts

To sum up, if you are looking to get a punching bag, don’t think that you can just hang any bag with any kind of ceiling mounting system. If you ahve a heavy bag it is worth it to shell out a few extra bucks to avoid doing permanent damage to your house or gym.


Nishan Wilde is VP of Sales at Robbins Sports and Athletics, an online source for Punching Bags, Baseball Uniforms and Track Uniforms.