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Punching Bags – How to Hang ‘em

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Now that you have bought a punching bag, you must be excited to start your exercise at home. How to hang the bag is the next step. You may be hesitant to hang a heavy object, thinking it might rip off your ceiling due to its bulk and weight.

How should you properly hang a punching bag? Can we ensure that bag will not damage your ceiling?

For bags weighing up to 125 lbs. use a traditional chain and swivel assembly. It will be strong enough to hold the weight of the punching bag without damaging any structure. The assembly is easy to follow. Drill a hole in the ceiling where you will attach the bag. Insert the eye bold in the hole. Attach the chain and then swivel the eye bolt to connect the bag to the chain. Now it’s ready to use.

If the punching bag weighs over 125 lbs., the traditional chain and swivel is not strong enough to hold its weight. It will eventually get lose and fall from the ceiling. These kinds of bags require a specific ceiling mount to avoid any damage.

You will need a heavy bag ceiling mount. They are sold in all boxing premier suppliers including Balazs Boxing and Everlast. Instead of just drilling one eye bolt in the ceiling, the heavy bag ceiling mounts will require 4 bolts to be drilled into the ceiling so that the steel platforms can be attached.

The steel platform is attached by the eye bolt, transferring its pressure and weight from the eye bolt to the steel structure which hold more weight. This guarantees the heavy bag is secured to withstand the pressure and movement it will experience during the workouts.

In summary, if you are getting a punching bag, don’t think it could be hung with any ceiling mounting system. It’s worth spending a little more to avoid making any permanent damages to your home or gym.

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