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Pushing Yourself To The Next Level

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What makes a person go beyond their capabilities just to excel? Is it inspiration, passion or full commitment? Or is it a combination of all three? It is a beautiful thing to see when a person steps up to give an amazing performance. Some of these performances can never be matched and that is what makes world records.

Those are extreme examples, but in everyday life, there are little victories. For example, we have Deron Williams, the point guard who wears the Jazz basketball uniforms. He is notably the best player of the team and it is ordinary for him to deliver outstanding plays. But recently, he still outdid himself. The numbers on the scoreboards do not lie. His numbers went even higher by 30 points.

What gives him that extra push to do even better? In the case of Williams, he insists that he’s just doing the job he’s being paid for. Whatever motivates him to do the extra effort, its doing good for the team. His determination and focus is an example the players should emulate. Williams understands this and accepts that as a team leader, he should do everything he could to make Jazz as a team win.

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