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Pushing Yourself To The Next Level

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What is it that makes a person go beyond what they are normally capable of and excel to even greater heights? Is it passion, inspiration, or total commitment? Perhaps it is a combination of all three. It is a beautiful thing to witness, however, when an individual steps it up and delivers an amazing performance. Some of these performances are so good that they have never been matched, as is the case for the world record holders in various events.
Those are the extreme examples but there are others, perhaps to a lesser degree, that take place daily. Take for instance the current basketball output of Jazz point guard, Deron Williams. He is already the best player on the team and he already routinely delivers outstanding performances and yet, of late, he has stepped up his game even further. The numbers don’t lie and his numbers have been awesome, upwards of thirty points a game. So, how is it that one is able to give it that extra push that takes them to the next level? In Williams case he insists that he’s just doing his job, doing what he gets paid for. Whatever the impetus for this extra effort, it is paying off for the team. His focus and determination are an example to the other players who feed off of his energy. Williams seems to understand this and accepts his role as team leader, doing everything he can to make the Jazz a winning team.

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