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Qualities To Look For In A Coach

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In a very short time the Utah Jazz as well as the Golden State Warriors and the Los Angeles Lakers will be selecting a new individual to coach their teams. Since the coach has a hugely important task in preparing his team for success, it is important to get the right person for the job. What is it that general managers and organizers for when they need a new head coach for their team?
In the case of the Utah Jazz, if history repeats itself they will be looking for someone who has played in the NBA and who has had some assistant coaching experience in the league for at least an eight year period. The previous four coaches for this team have all fell into that category and it is likely that the newly selected coach will fit that same criteria. As far as age is concerned, the median number would be 46 or 47 judging from the combined ages of the last four head coaches.
There are presently 30 teams in the NBA and eighteen of the coaches have formerly worn basketball uniforms to represent one of those thirty teams. Twenty five of those coaches have previously worked as an assistant for upwards of eight years. Jerry Sloan had fit that profile as did Tyrone Corbin.
The NBA has seen a lot of coach shifting throughout the years. We see a coach being let go by one team only to be picked up by one of the other teams where he may be a better fit and enjoy more success. Sometimes it works that way and sometimes it doesn’t. It will be interesting to see if the Utah Jazz decide to offer the top coaching position to a newly released coach, a current college coach, or perhaps an individual who has been coaching internationally. Currently there are three coaches in the NBA who have previously coached in other countries. Certainly there is a lot of thought going into the process of making a great selection. The fans are hoping for the best.