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Qualities To Look For In A Coach

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Pretty soon, the popular basketball giants like Utah Jazz, Golden State Warriors as well as the Los Angeles Lakers will be looking for a new coach for their teams. A coach has a huge role to play in the success of a team. They are responsible for preparing and training the team before every game. That is why it is important to get the right coach for this job. What exactly are the qualities team organizers and general managers looking for when hiring a new head coach?

Utah Jazz has a tendency to repeat themselves when hiring a new coach. Historically, the coaches they hired in the past had prior experience as an assistant coach in the previous 8 years. The lasts 4 coaches they had all fit into this category. The average age of these coaches range from 46 to 47 years old.

Currently, the NBA has 30 teams and 18 of the coaches were former players. They used to wear the basketball uniforms of the teams they represented before they became a coach. 25 of the coaches worked an assistant coach for over 8 years. Jerry Sloan and Tyrone Corbin are the best examples of this profile.

The NBA has witnessed thru the years a lot of coaches being shuffled around the teams. We see a team let go of their coach, only to be picked up by another team. Sometimes he finds the new team a better fit for his profile and leads them towards success. And sometimes it doesn’t work out at all.

Who will Utah Jazz choose as their new coach? Right now there are 3 NBA coaches who previously worked in foreign countries. This will give them a lot to think about during the selection process and the fans are hoping they will get the best for the team.