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Ramping Up For Spring Baseball

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Spring has finally arrived and with it the eager anticipation for a season of action packed baseball. For any Little League aged kids out there who are anxious to put their best foot forward as the season gets under way, there are a few tips that may prove valuable.
First of all, you want your body to be as strong and toned as possible so make sure that you are getting adequate exercise. Running and biking are both great workouts for the leg muscles. It will be important to have strong legs for not only base running but also batting as well. The important thing is to be consistent. Don’t workout hard one day and then lay off of any physical activity for days at a time. Consistency is the key.
The power that propels a strong baseball swing originates more in the hips and legs than it does from the arms and obviously power is an important factor for a batter. Practice every chance you get to hone the skills that will be necessary for great performance on the field. Your commitment and determination will be as important (if not more so)than anything else you may do to improve your game. You’ve really got to want to succeed. If you’ve got your mental attitutde in the right place and will follow through on your commitment to getting your body in shape and then practice as often as possible, success will find it’s way to you.

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