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Rare Boxing Event Held In Utah

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It had been 34 years since Utah held a world champion boxing event but that long dry spell ended Saturday night at the South Towne Expo Center. Chris “Kid Kayo” Fernandez, a Utah native, entered the ring wearing a Native American headdress and a sparkling red jacket to spar against his opponent, Allen Litzau of Minnesota. While both boxers viciously attacked the other with their hard hitting boxing gloves, an ex-champion watched from 20 yards away. Gene Fullmer, who was Utah’s first World Champion, enjoyed the fight with his brother, Jay Fullmer. Prior to the fight, Fernandez had predicted he’d win in three rounds. Litzau fought on through a fourth and fifth round and was desirous of coming out for a sixth but his corner ended up calling the fight on his behalf. The win for Fernandez allowed him to defend his World Championship.