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Reasons Why Walking Is So Great For You

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There are several sports that you can engage in yet walking seems to be the most popular. Walking is a sport that anyone can do regardless of their age or sex. You can walk alone or with a group of friends and enjoy the sport just the same. Even if you have some medical conditions, as long as you can walk and the doctor allows it, walking can help you lose some weight and improve your health. Walking is the least strenuous of all the sports and it does not hurt the joints as much as the other sports.

Not everybody knows the added benefits of walking. Aside from losing weight and improving your over-all health, walking increases your good HDL cholesterol level and this lowers your risks for heart disease. Walking also improves your brain activity and memory retention. It has been proven to help maintain the size of your brain (which shrinks as we get older).

Walking also helps in the control of blood sugar and reduces insulin resistance. People with type 2 diabetes will find this exercise most helpful. Bone fractures are significantly reduced by doing some walking and it prevents them from being prominent as we age.

A large number of the population suffer from back pains and they would be glad to know that according to studies, people who walk regularly would experience a 9 percent decline in back pain. Walking, aside from being a relaxing way to shed a few pounds is very helpful in keeping you in good health.