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Rebuilding year for the Jazz

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Thousands of the Utah Jazz fans are surprised that their team had a really good start of the season. Last year, all the chaos and changes that happened did not make this year look very optimistic for the team. The team lost their long-time coach Jerry Sloan with the trade of Deron Williams and the introduction of new and young players who will wear the team’s basketball uniforms, makes it appear like this year the team is undergoing some major fixes.

This may be a year of rehabilitation but during the process, the team was able to get back on their feet. After the miserable start of the season, critics were suggesting that Jazz will end up with loses twice more than their wins. But the team came together and earned a record of 10-6 in the 2011-2012 season. Out of the 10 games, so far they have won 7. Their acquisitions of Devon Harris and Derrick Favors put their team in a bright spot and during the 2nd year, they added another player, Al Jefferson. Paul Millsap is also contributing big numbers with his scores. There are only 50 games remaining for the season but a lot can still happen with the kind of energy the Jazz is showing. We think that the team may finish much better than anyone expected.