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Recent NBA Trades – Who Got the Best Deal

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With so much trades going on in the NBA, even avid fans find it difficult to cope with the activity. Here’s a recap of this year’s transfers:

1. Shawn Marion and Marcus Banks were traded by the Suns for Shaq.

2. Jason Kidd was traded to the Dallas Mavericks for Devin Harris and DasagnaDiop were trade by Dallas Mavericks for Jason Kidd.

3. Lakers took in Pau Gasol.

4. Atlanta Hawks took in Mike Bibby.

5. Jazz traded Gordon Giricek for Kyle Korver.

6. Cleveland Cavaliers traded Drew Gooden and Larry Hughes for Ben Wallace, Joe Smith and Wally Szerbiak.

So, which teams got the best deal? Who now is a major contender in theconference? The following is the grades for each trade and the teams involved.

1. Shaq-Marion:the Het gets a B plus for this trade. Replacing an ailing Shaq with an consistent all-star Shawn Marion is a good decision. Once Marion blends in with the team, he will uplift Miami. The Suns get an incomplete grade. This trade may or may not work out well. It will depend on the well-being of Shaq and his willingness to give his all. If Shaq could play the way he used to then the Suns may have a chance of winning.

2.Kidd-Harris:New Jersey got the better point guard. Devin Harris delivers better scores than Kidd, plus he is young and potentially a great player in the making. Mavericks is like the Suns who are focused only on the short term. They want the championship now and is relying on Kidd to deliver. Nets: A- Mavericks:B-

3. Pau Gasol: The best trade I’ve seen so far is getting Ray Allen and Garnett without losing Paul Pierce. The Lakers got the best without losing a thing. Gasol is gifted, a fluid man fitting in perfectly with the Lakers. When Andrew Bynum recovered, Lakers will have the meanest front court in the league – Odom, Gasol and Bynum. A++

4. Mike Bibby to the Hawks:The trade received the least coverage than the former trades. That is because there is not much impact. Mike Bibby is good a point guard but thru the years has lost his step. He could assist the Hawks in making the playoffs but not good enough to beat the Celtics, Pistons or Magic. B+

5.Korver-Giricek:Jazz made a good trade. They could have made a number of trades with their team for an athlete with a better name. But why mess up the Jazz when they are already playing well? Gordon Giricek was the only thing holding them back. Trading him for Kyle Korver is the best thing that happened to the team. A+

6.Wallace, Smith, Szerbiak –Gooden, Hughes: I can’t really tell if the trades were beneficial for both teams. The Bulls are injury riddled for now and to break up the remaining members may seal their doom. Larry Hughes and Drew Good were playing really good this year. So the Bulls is graded a B-. For the Cavs, I’m not really sure if there will be any improvements for securing an experienced and big name player. The Cavs is a good team, it’s Lebron who is holding them back. Neither Joe Smith or Ben Wallace are very good offensive players. Wally Szerback is an excellent outside shooter. But he lacks strength in defense. I’m not sure how the trade will work out. Cavs gets a B for grade.

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