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Rev Up Your Workout

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When we do the same routines over and over not only do they get rather boring but they also seem to produce less results than we’d like. Some of us feel that the longer we work out the better but that it turns out that is not the case and that it is the intensity that produces results. With that in mind perhaps it’s time to change up the routine, reduce the time, step up the intensity and increase the benefits. Try working the upper and lower body simultaneously by doing exercises that use multiple muscle groups. For instance, try doing a squat and a shoulder press at the same time or a lunge and a bicep curl. Doing so will burn more calories, increase the heart rate and keep the body in the fat-burning zone that we desire. If you’re staying within your target heart rate zone while working out, it is best to limit the resting time between reps in order to maximize the calorie burn. If you plan to do strength training and cardio, it’s best to do the strength moves first and then hit the treadmill or the track for some high-intensity interval training. If walking is your favorite form of exercise really pump your arms while you are taking your strides for extra fat burning. These tips likely deviate from your typical workout routine but give them a try and expect to see improved results.