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Rise In Scrutiny Over College Sport Brain Injuries

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Recently, there had been a lot of reports about athletes suffering from brain injuries. A large number of these athletes are still college students. There is a current estimate of 2,000 professional football players all over the country and more than 70,000 in the NCAA as active college players. These numbers mean that the health issues affecting the college level players is potentially 35 times more dangerous. This can result of financial losses in the amount of billions of dollars. The institutions these players are affiliated with will eventually go bankrupt. Most of the universities do not have the financial capacity to compensate the players once they are afflicted with these disastrous injuries which happen often every year.

On top of this dilemma is the report that the Northwestern University players in Evanston, Illinois were declared by the National Labor Relations Board as school employees and not just students. This means they are entitled to receive monetary compensation coming from the rights of players to market their names and images to the public. This could be the start of a revelation that may have devastating effects. The developments will impact the future of college sports. The current issues must be addressed right away otherwise it might drag on and get even worse in the future.

Some people are suggesting that new safety rules should be implemented to avoid the disaster that the players and the schools are experiencing right now. These safety rules should be in place especially for the blocking and tackling portion of the game when most of these injuries happen. Along with setting up the new rules is its implementation. There should be new tactics to ensure these rules are enforced and a penalty system musts be in place for people who do not follow these rules. These rules can be similar to the prescribed penalties enforced for violations to the approved recruiting procedures.

Another way the school can avoid going bankrupt from paying for all the players’ injuries is to set up a workers compensation trust fund. The trust fund can be created and the source of monetary reserves will come from the income generated from television contracts. This method should provide a substantial amount of funds for these kinds of medical emergencies.

Currently, There is a lot of bad publicity going on but the good news is that these issues are being addressed and pretty soon, the authorities will have the best solutions to get these resolved.