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Robbins Sports’ Punching Dummies


Boxers and others who are training in martial arts need high-quality tools that are designed to receive punches and kicks without moving in response to force. Punching dummies provide an ideal solution. They may be similar to the size and shape of human bodies and are attached to the top of a base made from polyethylene material. Punching dummies may be attached to the ceiling or freestanding. 

Robbins Sports Punching Dummies

Robbins Sports carries a line of top quality punching dummies, including the following: 

  • Century BOB XLR Body Opponent Bag Punching Dummy – This product provides more realistic training for different techniques. BOB XLR has a longer torso that provides more striking surface area for those who are training for body shots and kicks. It is an excellent training dummy for boxers or mixed martial arts (MMA) participants. The punching dummy is a full-size, lifelike mannequin that can be adjusted to two settings – 5’6” or 6’ tall. A polyethylene base that can be filled with either water or sand provides the dummy’s stability. The punching dummy weighs around 270 lbs. when filled. It is covered by a one-year limited warranty. 
  • Century Bobby Bully Punching Dummy for Youth – This is the best sparring partner you can get for a child who is training to improve target or sparring techniques. The Century Bobby Bully Punching Dummy for Youth is a lifelike mannequin that comes in kid sizes. It can help inspire youth to build their skills and strength. It features two height adjustment settings – 4’2” or 4’7” tall. 
  • Century Sparing BOB Body Opponent Bag Punching Dummy – Century’s new Sparring Bob is made of rubber that is more pliable than the original version. Its unique design makes it less space-consuming than the original BOB. It is compatible with the adjustable Wavemaster base. The dummy’s skin is made of high-strength plastisol with an inner cavity filled with high-density urethane foam. Its base can be filled with either sand or water for a total weigh of 270 lbs. when filled. It has 7 height adjustments, ranging from 30” to 78”. It is covered by a one-year warranty. The product is made in the USA. 

Check out Robbins Sports full selection of punching dummies and take your boxing and martial arts techniques to the next level.