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Robbins Sports’ Volleyball Systems


Who doesn’t love a good game of volleyball? It’s great for accommodating a crowd as it’s played between two teams of six players. A team can score if they can ground the ball on the opponent’s court. Players use hands or arms to keep the ball in play, but rules allow players to push or strike the ball with any part of the body.

Spalding Two-Court Elite Steel Volleyball System

Each team is allowed up to three hits in their attempt to return the ball to the other side of the court. The receiving team gains the right to serve the ball when it wins a volley. When a team member serves, the rest of the team members rotate one position clockwise. The ball must clear the net on a serve.

It’s important to get a sturdy volleyball setup if you plan to play often. Volleyball poles are typically made of steel for durability and strength as they hold the net aloft.

Spalding Two-Court Elite Steel Volleyball System

The Spalding Two-Court Elite Steel Volleyball System is one of the most popular pole systems on the market. The system includes two elite steel winch end uprights and an elite steel center upright. It also comes with two Aramid Fiber 1M net packages, two antenna packages, upright end pads and an upright center pad.

The Spalding Two-Court Elite Steel Volleyball System has high-strength uprights that are made of 3-inch O.D. steel that provides the highest level of competitive play. The uprights are coated with navy blue powder and come with chrome-plated pistons. The poles improved pulley guard prevents the misalignment of cable. The pistons are spring-loaded to make adjustment easy, regardless of the competitive height required. The pole system can be adjusted to accommodate players of all heights.

The volleyball pole sets are equipped with an adjustable height winch that is designed to eliminate any backlash dangers and keep the net tight for intense play. The package includes a nylon leader strap for easy net attachment. The system requires 3-inch sleeves that may be purchased separately. The poles and pistons come with a 10-year warranty while the parts and winch have a one-year warranty. The product meets all USAV, NCAA, FIBV, and NFHS specifications.

The Spalding Two-Court Elite Steel Volleyball System is available at Robbins Sports.