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Rocking at the Gym

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For me, there is nothing better than hearing some hard-core rock music when I walk into a gym to get my exercise on.  The music helps me get pumped up and ready to break a sweat.  It really seems to help create the atmosphere for working out.  Recently, in Utah County, a group of college students were on the verge of protesting Gold Gym because of the choice of music and videos that were being played.  Luckily however, their petitions were heard and settled before the planned protest was put into action.

 This issue here was a report of too many videos which the student claimed to be pornographic.  A list of videos was created and sent to the executives of Gold Gym, upon which the executives determined that the videos were in fact not in accordance with the media that they wish to display in their facilities.  In response, the gym has agreed to closely view any music videos to assure that they match the moral standard of the gym’s policies before they will play them in the gym. 

I can understand the frustration.  In order for me to have a good exercise, I need to be able to feel the adrenaline flowing through the gym.  The atmosphere has a great impact on the quality of my workout.  When I was in school in Hawaii last year, I was often frustrated when I went to the school’s gym.  It wasn’t because I felt that the type of music there had a demoralizing effect.  It was, however, similar.  Whenever I walking into the gym, there slow-beat, pop music playing.  It was like walking into a fairy land and expecting to get pumped up and have a good workout.

I personally am good with the desicion that Gold’s Gym made.  If the videos being played in the gym created an atmosphere that is not good for its clients, it is better to change it to make the clients happy.  Afterall, without their clients, their would be no business.  I have not had a chance to go into the gym and see the result that it must have made on the atmosphere of the gym, but news articles claim that the students are thrilled with the decision and will continue to workout at Gold’s Gym.


Wade Boden is the Artwork Director of Robbins Sports and Athletics, an online source for gym bags, punching bags, and much more!