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Roger Fedderer Loses Championship Quest

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Just when we were getting used to the idea that Andy Roddick had failed in his attempt to capture a Wimbledon Championship, another of our tennis heroes has met with the same fate. Roger Fedderer who has professed that Wimbledon is his favorite among the tennis tournaments exited earlier than he expected from this years competition. This undoing comes on the heels of his loss in the French Open quarterfinals only one month ago. Up until that time, Fedderer had made an unprecedented 23 appearances over the last six years in the major tournament semi-finals. His dominance at Wimbledon since 2003 has been astounding, with a record of 51-1 This current trend has got to be troublesome for the player that many consider to be the best in the history of tennis. Is his place at the top of the tennis world beginning to erode a bit?

The tennis king was obviously distraught with the loss and gave partial blame to some health issues he has been dealing with, namely soreness in his right thigh and back problems. Even at the age of 29, Fedderer should have many good tennis years ahead of him. Hopefully, that will prove to be the case.

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