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Rule Change for Discus Throwing

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In the past, college and high school discus throwing were different from each other in terms of rules, equipment and others. But now the gap between high school and college levels are diminishing. The latest development dealt with field allotment which the throw of the contestant must land.

In high school, it used to be that the throw must be confined to a 40 to 60 degree area. For college track and field athletes, it must be a slimmer 34.92 degree angle. Today, high school athletes have the same standards of the older counterparts. Their throws must be within the 34.92 degree area.

This change was a result of several anxious high school track and field coaches. The anxiety is not about their inability to train the athletes with enough technique and discipline to stay with the rules. The anxiety is due to several high school programs purchasing discus ring and structures made particularly for a wider angle of throwing. They are afraid of buying new and expensive structures to keep their program going.

Robbins Sports provides a solution with Stackhouse Athletic Equipment, one of the most popular track and field equipment manufacturers of the country. Stackhouse manufactured discus rings primarily for new regulations and offers a modification kit that turns any previously sold Stackhouse discus ring into the new, rule-abiding ring. All you need is two additional sleeves that will be added to the existing structure. Stackhouse can help so that coaches need not fear.

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