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Rumors Abound Of Jazz Acquisition Possibilities

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In real life, the Jazz team is not ending up with a top athlete like LeBron James or anyone of that caliber. But they are setting their hopes high in recruiting impressive athletes during the off season. It is evident to everyone that the Jazz team will be enlisting a power forward in their coming draft pick and sport experts foretell that they will be getting Greg Monroe as their 9th pick.

Rumors are heavy that the team is also looking for another wing player. The name of the player that is being rumored to be the next recruit is Gordon Hayward, a 6’8” player from Butler University. Several of the Utah fans know Hayward for he was responsible for Butler’s victory in the NCAA West Regional held this spring in Salt Lake City. In theory, if Jazz lets go of Carlos Boozer, Hayward could pair up with Paul Millsap in strengthening the team.

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