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Run For Fitness And A Healthier Future

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Running is the sport of choice for millions of people and there are many reasons for this. It is an activity that can be done without extra equipment (except for a good pair of running shoes and many people prefer to wear a jersey and running shorts) and it can be done almost anywhere. There is no need to belong to a gym and you can run either by yourself or with a partner or sometimes in a group. It is a very versatile activity as well as one with a proven track record of results.
Most people realize that running is a great form of exercise to strengthen muscles, increase endurance and improve circulation. What a lot of people do not know, however, is that it can be a pretty accurate predictor of heart health.

Researchers at the Cooper Institute in Dallas studied more than 66,000 individuals and determined that fitness levels during middle-age have a great deal of impact on health in later years. They concluded that middle-age fitness levels are just as important to read as blood pressure and cholesterol.
Using the barometer of how fast an individual could run a one mile distance, these researchers were able to determine that those with a lower level of fitness (as demonstrated by the pace of their one-mile run) in their middle-age years had a much greater incidence of cardio-vascular disease in their later years.

These findings make the case for running even more attractive. When you realize that the effort you make toward fitness has such profound implications for future health it should `add to the determination to make exercise a part of your life.