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Run Or Ride For Fun And Fitness

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Now that the warmer months are here, it’s so nice to see people going out of their homes and doing some outdoor sports activities. The streets are filled with people who are jogging or running by themselves or with their partners. There are bikers who ride in groups. It’s wonderful to see them wear their colorful cycling jerseys while biking instead of wearing their heavy winter coats like in the previous months.

What makes spring one of the most desirable seasons is that people can now go outdoors and do a lot of activities and adventures. My own family members have been preparing for the upcoming racing events and its very interesting watching them work very hard. This season, the first of many marathons took place in our area just last weekend. Over 2,000 people took part in this event. That included my cute daughter-in-law who finished her first ever running competition with a pretty decent time.

It is great to be active in events that allow us to go outside our comfort zone. Several of us never thought we can finish or run in a 5K race, a half-marathon or a full marathon. Even the thought of competing in a cycling race may be new to us. Every year, more people are trying out a new sport and are joining the teams of cyclists and runners. Approximately more than 43 million people in the US enjoy their time biking. Several of these people are merely riding for fun and not for competitive purposes. That is okay because biking is an excellent activity both for exercise and play. There was a census made in year 2000 by the US Bicycle Institute of America. It shows that more than 750 thousand people rode bikes to work as a form of exercise and an economical way of travelling.

Running is also gaining popularity. There is no accurate way to estimate the number of individuals involved in running as a sport. But there is an accurate measure of people participating in marathons. The number of people participating in marathons have significantly increased over the last 10 years according to Running USA. Whether it is running or cycling, both are enjoyable outdoor activities that are excellent forms of exercise.